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I actually think that jews were doomed the day when Israel was created (and orthodox jews agree with me). I will try to explain:
The only groups that were able to survive living without country for extend period of time were those groups that created extremely tribal code of living, like gypsies, travellers or, of course, jews. But jews aren't wandering tribe anymore, they have israel and people from israel are more israeli than jews. Their international diaspora are racemixing like crazy (I can't even count how many times I herd about orthodox jews being angry on some famous jew for marrying goy women or asian), their interest are more and more different than Israel interests and young jews don't really care about their heritage. It's literally a game of waiting now, in 100 years there will be no international jewry, only some 'we wuz jooz hipsters' and israel. 

That being said israel is completely different topic. 

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