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"Is this a response to something? Who are you talking about?"

No, I'm just generally angry and this ice-cream fragment triggered me (I really don't like this 'if you don't agree with my progressive policies theretofore you must be conservative and religious" attitude). Also a lot of people wrote about it yesterday but I haven't time to listen his program and I feel I should somehow comment on it. 

" Like "postmodernism" here - why are you using it in relation to sexual practices? " 

I use it not exactly in relation with sexual practice but it was answer to this general idea that everything is equal and should be treated equally. When you are postmodernist before you create your own fantasy world firstly you destroy every norm that existed before so you have absolute freedom of building your new viewpoint. It doesn't matter if standards come from religious book, science theory or common sense. That's what is going on in this shitty ice-cream analogy. He swallowed post-pill and he is unable to analyse the topic properly. Bill the relativist guy. 

" I assume that you link hedonism to moral relativism"

My opinion isn't about moral degeneracy, that's what I can live with as long as you are aware of consequences of your actions. I'm not conservative per se. I just want to analyse sexual tendencies without this "open-minded" bias because not everything right now is ok in society and because of that relativistic ass-holes we can't even have nice discussion about it. If you have any problem with anything you are stupid and stubborn vanilla flavour. Fuck, apparently now not being experimental in bedroom looks like something wrong. How can I know that I am not gay if I didn't take any cock up my ass? You can tell me that I'm paranoiac but there WILL BE time that they will start telling you what you should do and how you should live. It's better to stop it now while it doesn't require social disorder and violence. 

"I frankly don't see a connection between marxism (...) and PC anti-intellectualism."

There is no connection, at least if we talk about pure ideology (although one's could argue that because marxism was created while positivistic determinism was still a thing and didn't changed during scientific revolution therefore it's anti-modernist). There is a connection between cultural-marxism and anti-intellectualism although as far as I know literally nobody consider themselves as cultural-marxist so it's hard to even verify this hypothesis without strawmaning smbd.

"I am just having a constant cognitive dissonance coming from these terms. Pls help."

I can't fam, that's the problem with philosophy, everybody can interpret it in his own way. For me post-mod become a little bit of my own satan so I'm probably not the best person to answer this question. I mostly use it when I see anti-intellectualism in action, theories created ad hoc to match results, illogical gibberish ("logics is ultimately male thing therefore it's antifeminist and misogynist") , relativism as base of theory ("cultures are equal", "women should always earn the same amount of money as man and vice versa") or efforts to undermine theory by playing dictionary games and attacking every word of definitions meanwhile not proposing anything or proposing without using the same standards (obvious example is eternal question "what is race"). I hope it helps you to understand what I mean by using this term. 

Sorry for long repost but it's hard to express what you think in that kind of form, it' more like a thing for long discussion face-to-face. Also sometimes I post pure shitposting so it can confuse people who read it, I'm well aware of it. But if I ever went too far feel free to criticise me, lack of criticism is worst than playing DmC on keyboard. 

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